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2nd year Yahoo $25 League, 2 competitions in 1 ( Regular season + Survivor) Pays 7X

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Hi All


My league on Yahoo platform is entering into its 2nd year. It is a 2 in one competition including a survivor style. Survivor style is where every player each week with lowest score is eliminated from the Survivor championship pool. Last man standing is crowned Survivor Champion. 


  • This will be your regular H2H points based league, where each week you will in a match up against another person. 
  • You will be credited with a WIN if you win your match up ( more points than your opponent ) which will count towards your regular season standings.
  • Top 8 in regular season standings advance to playoffs, with the person with most wins in regular season getting the best regular season prize.
  • In addition, there will be a separate contents running in parallel where at the end of every week, all 20 player scores will be ranked high to low and the one with lowest score is eliminated for the chance to win $125 survivor champion pool prize, but you continue to play for other prizes like normal
  • Next week every one starts with 0 points for their next match up and this continues for all 19 regular season weeks when we will crown a survivor champion, best regular season record and identify top 8 teams to compete in playoffs.


Example: Team 1 Vs Team 2 in  a particular week. 

Team 1 scores a total of 100 points, Team 2 scores 110. 

Team 2 is credited with a Win.

This will happen for all other 9 match ups for that week.

Also, all 20 weekly team scores will be ranked high to low, and lets say Team 1 scores the least among all, Team 1 get eliminated and looses the chance to win $125 prize at the end of 19 regular weeks. Remaining 18 will continue to have a shot , until we reach 19th week when there will only be one person standing.


League Constitution is as follows:


League Constitution is as follows: 

) League Dues 
· It will cost $25 per season to participate in this league this year 
· Dues will be collected via LeagueSafe 

2) Draft Process 
· Standard snake draft 
· Draft order will be random selected by Yahoo 

3) Rosters 
· This will be your 7 active NBA players 
· You are REQUIRED to have all 7 active players on the roster at all times DURING the season and playoffs 
· Roster positions are 1PG,1SG,1G,1SF,1PF,1F,1C 

4) Daily Lineup 
· Since there will be no bench, line ups will be automatically active throughout the season 

5) Survivor Format 
· This competition will run for 19 regular season weeks in a knock out format where each week 1 person is knocked out to have a shot at Survivor Champion pool 
· Each week the person with lowest points total will be eliminated from that pool 
· Last person standing at the end of 19 weeks will we the Survivor Champion 

6) Payouts 
· Everyone pays $25 per season, so we have $25 from 20 teams = $500 total 
· $ 125 goes to Survivor Champion 
· Playoff winner will get $175 
· Playoff runner up will get $ 100 
· Playoff 3rd place will get $50 
· Regular Season champion will get $50 

7) General Rules 
· Although the commissioner will keep an eye out for any collusion or suspicious activity, it is requested that if anyone comes across any such activity, please report it so the same can be reviewed 
· Transactions (Add/Drop) during the end of regular season will be strictly reviewed, especially for teams who are out of playoff contention to avoid unbalancing the FA pool/ playoff bound team rosters due to higher waiver wire order 

8) Tie Breakers 
· For Survivor championship, if 2 more people tie for the lowest score, team will most ejections will be out. If ejections are level, following categories will be used in order ( Person with maximum value will be out ) Flagrant fouls, Technical Fouls, Personal Fouls and turnovers 
· For Regular season championship, if 2 more people tie for the top spot, the total score from their match ups against each other will be calculated, and the person with most score will be the winner. If the total scores are tied, person with the most points accumulated over 19 weeks will be declared the winner. If total points are the same, pot will be shared among them.


Scoring Details are as follows:


Players Stat Category Value
Field Goals Attempted (FGA) -0.45
Field Goals Made (FGM) 1.0
Free Throws Attempted (FTA) -0.75
Free Throws Made (FTM) 1.0
3-point Shots Made (3PTM) 3.0
Points Scored (PTS) 0.5
Total Rebounds (REB) 1.5
Assists (AST) 2.0
Steals (ST) 3.0
Blocked Shots (BLK) 3.0
Turnovers (TO) -2.0
Personal Fouls (PF) -1
Technical Fouls (TECH) -2
Ejections (EJCT) -5
Flagrant Fouls (FF) -3


If you are interested, you can

1) drop your mail id here, and i will send out an invite for you

2) join the league directly on https://yho.com/nba?l=5178&k=3458e87cb2ebb459&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=8b5d0161a0bf9127


We currently have 3 open spots.

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