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Dede Westbrook 2017 Season Outlook

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Where would you rate Dede among other high upside guys like Doctson, Mike Williams, Corey Coleman (as a stash for now)? Conversely where does he rank among high floor guys like Maclin, Crowder?


I love his upside and enjoyed watching him in college but I fear he could get the Mike Williams treatment and get eased in to the offense. Is there any reason to believe he'll out-snap Hurns and/or Lee or is he just the shiny new toy on the block?

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2 hours ago, Kyle87 said:

I think everyone knows what the situation is, but are being optimistic.  Yes in reality the chances are way higher that he winds up being useless that productive.  If you need a WR on your team though options aren't exactly bright.  Do I pick up Allen Hurns, Tyler Lockett, Brandon Coleman, Tyrell Williams, Adam Humphries, or Kendall Wright? 


Those are the kinds of options I see on my waiver, I can take one of those guys (who I know I'll never WANT to start) or Dede and HOPE that perhaps I get a real starter.  I'm not delusional and I know Dede will most likely wind up in the same boat as all those guys I just listed and I'll never feel comfortable starting him.  That's fine I'm no worse off than if I picked one of them up instead, at least Dede has a glimmer of hope on him still unlike everything else out there.


It is my understanding that DeDe will also perform punt return duties. Not sure about kickoffs but if your league provides point for return yards its a bonus.

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Here's some info from jacksonville sports......



The Jaguars appear to have several 53-man roster and inactive/active decisions to make this week.

Receiver Dede Westbrook: He practiced Wednesday and the signs point to him being put on the roster. Do the Jaguars cut a receiver (Jaelen Strong/Jaydon Mickens) or guard Chris Reed? Mickens handled the punt return duties in Week 7 so it may make sense to keep him on the roster and active. Reed was called up from the practice squad because of Brandon Linder’s absence but Linder is back. Strong has not been active since being claimed off waivers from Houston on Sept. 19.

Tailback T.J. Yeldon: If he is active, what does that mean for Corey Grant, who has filled the No. 3 tailback/kick return spot in all seven games? If the Jaguars deactivate Grant, it would mean rookie Keelan Cole is the kick returner.


The week of practices are important for Westbrook because he must show the coaches he is healthy enough and well-versed enough in the offense and he must get back on the same page with Bortles.

“Very important,” Westbrook said of the practice time. “I have to continue to get back right and [Bortles] has to get a feel for because it’s been eight weeks.”

Said Bortles: “Mentally, he has been able to keep up, which is good. Physically, [the plan is] get as many throws as possible, let’s try to feel some things out and find ways to get on the same page through reps in practice and before or after as well.”

Westbrook said he is working at “multiple spots,” in the passing game after learning only the outside spots after the draft.

“Confidence not a problem,” Westbrook said. “I’m ready to get out there and compete.”


and jag's website also ....


Jaguars WR Dede Westbrook on potentially playing his first NFL regular-season game against Cincinnati Sunday: “I haven’t played a game in nine weeks, so I’m ready to get out there and play”

JACKSONVILLE – He’s talented, quick and confident.

Dede Westbrook is all of those things, but most significant this week for the Jaguars is the rookie wide receiver is eligible to perhaps make his NFL regular-season debut Sunday.

What could Westbrook bring to the passing offense?

Plenty, according to quarterback Blake Bortles

“The speed and what he can do with the ball in his hands after the catch is extremely impressive,” Bortles said Wednesday as the Jaguars (4-3) prepared to play the Cincinnati Bengals (3-4) at EverBank Field Sunday at 1 p.m.

Westbrook said while his Sunday status will be determined by doctors and coaches, he believes he will be ready.

“Everything’s straight,” he said.

And he’s absolutely confident he can contribute if cleared to play.

“Confidence is no problem,” Westbrook said. “My confidence is huge. I’m ready to get out there, and I’m ready to compete. I’m been playing this game since I was a kid, growing up. It takes everything out of me to watch a game from the press box and see my teammates out there competing.

“I haven’t played a game in nine weeks, so I’m ready to get out there and play.”

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41 minutes ago, Lord_Varys said:


So in other words, talent trumps everything ... except for situation?


Thought i was in the dede westbrook thread.


Henry is more talented than Murray


Jacksonville is a better organization, from tom coughlin down to doug marrone tham the tennessee titans.


So to sum up your snide remarks:


Yes, talent, in the right situation, trumps everything.


Talent cant trump stupidity, stupidity wins everytime.


Got anything constructive on DeDe?


Marquis Lee probably gonna sit, maybe 8 targets or more for DeDe this week.

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I like Dede, but the Jags obviously want to pound the ball, play great defense and play hide the Bortles.


The Jags do have some tough run defenses coming up on their schedule, so they could find themselves in a position where they have to throw which could benefit Dede.


He's a nice flyer in smaller leagues, in larger leagues he should be owned.

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6 minutes ago, DerrickHenrysCleats said:

Got anything constructive on DeDe?


Marquis Lee probably gonna sit, maybe 8 targets or more for DeDe this week


My comparison to Henry was to illustrate a point which is relevant to Westbrook; a point that you don't understand.  Talent is not the only factor in fantasy football.  Far as I can tell, it's half of the equation.  Fantasy Output = Talent + Situation.  In fact talent might be less important.  Let's see how Jordy Nelson does rest of season with Hundley at QB.


So here's something constructive on Westbrook's situation this week:

- Bortles is awful. 

- Westbrook is...the second WR on his team? third?  Marqise Lee was a stud in college, too.

- The Jaguars pass less than anybody. 

- Game script this week vs Bengals will lend them to pass less.


Where do you get that Lee is gonna sit?

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4 minutes ago, jtbgator said:

Dang, this thread makes me question if I made the right move in dropping Dede for Gordon (5-3 record). <_<


I prefer Dede.  Gordon hasn't played in years, and wasn't very good in his last stint in 2014.  Not to mention Cleveland is a dumpster fire.


As for the Jags, they'll need to pass to keep running lanes open, and Lee & Herns are JAG which seems fitting.  Dede has a better opportunity than Gordon, Coleman, or Doctson going forward based on schedule, team situation, and competition for targets.

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Once again a thread about a possible ww stash/late season flyer is trashed by nay sayers.  Just like the Carson, Collins & Jones threads.


Not everyone plays in small leagues or against inferior competition.  No one cares about other players in other organizations here.


If you're not interested fine, state your point and move on.


Thank you.

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17 minutes ago, ludawg23 said:

DeDe hype train leaving the station!

Would love to start him but risky since he hasn't played in months.


But opportunity is definitely there.  

You would start him? Yikes. The hype is surreal in here, Good luck to all though.

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