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Dede Westbrook 2017 Season Outlook

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Just now, oban14 said:

I picked him up a few weeks back when I saw he had an IR designation.  I hope I'm not secretly becoming a Jaguars fan!


It's ok if you are! We have plenty of room still on the bandwagon :) I can give you a brief history of our team too! 

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Just now, jagsfan05 said:


It's ok if you are! We have plenty of room still on the bandwagon :) I can give you a brief history of our team too! 


I know the team well, I actually picked them to go to the super bowl last year (pre-season) based on all the improvements they made to their defense via FA and the draft.  I was a season too early on the defense, and I was also caught off guard by how the offense regressed.  That said they have as much of a chance to win as anyone.


I'm a lifelong 49ers fan and I think my ancestors would disown me.  But I hate that they moved to Santa Clara

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2 minutes ago, dashoe said:

Assuming dede makes it back and takes the top off by merely being a threat. . .does this make hurns or lee more valuable in the passing game with less of the defenses focus


The easy answer is yes.


Hurns best year was when ARob was demanding the coverage.


Not sure about lee, he seems like jus an average guy with some dropsies and with the jags game script, run, run, run, playaction then you would be lucky to get consistent fantasy points from 2 Jags receivers.


If Bortles throws 30 times a game i could envision dede with 10, hurns with 6, lee with 5 and 9 to backs and TEs

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5 minutes ago, HamMach1 said:


I have the unfortunate capability of watching Jags game every week since I reside in Jacksonville. Dede looked fantastic in preseason, very impressed.


The only fear I have in Dede is the QB. And not just because Bortles isn't that good, but because he hardly throws anymore. Why? They pound defenses with Fournette and Ivory now. Your only hope with Dede is that he gets a small share of the already small amount of thrown balls. Jags are 100% a run first, ground pounding team this year. 

Dede will solve that problem
i know he will the savior is here

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7 minutes ago, HamMach1 said:


If Dede proves to be as good as he was preseason, him lining up with ARob and Lee could be scary. 

true. some people just have it.

and Dede have it. wont need time to flourish

he's ready to go... yall remember victor cruz pre-season?

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4 minutes ago, dafreaks said:


Sounds like he will be returning punts  / kicks too....


the Jags D/ST is already a mid season magick foosball MVP candidate ... adding this burner to the return game is like putting laser beams on pirhanas - 

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6 minutes ago, TennisMenace said:


Wow pastor.....you are on board too!  


all up in it ?


have Bryant/Parker/Jeffrey behind AJG in one league, and DJax/Sanders/Adams behind Evans in the other ... this kid is my freakin' ticket outta Palookaville in both - came down to him or Williams, and, the eye test sealed it ... this kid's tape is obscene ?

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8 minutes ago, dashoe said:


if u held onto doctson this long u may as well see what he does in his 2nd debut as the starter. I have a feeling Dede will be worked slowly back into the offense and probably on some sort of snap count so u can prob let him sit on waiver first game or 2 back if u like to gamble.

dashoe 1,637 dashoe


Posted 18 hours ago

Must be disciplined and keep coleman in the IR slot for 1 more week, stop entering Dede thread.



For nostalgia sake.

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