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Nerlens Noel 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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"Damn, we have a sexual harassment scandal on our hands. Better give Nerlens Noel 20mpg!"

The number of pages in his thread will exceed his season minutes total by the trade deadline.

Im so close to dropping and i was such a noel believer. The minutes are gonna fluctuate and carlisle is an a**. In a 10 teamer, theres so much waiver potential. Saying that im holding another week or so. The only thing keeping me in is i have Kawhii, CP3, lost hayward and have elfrid payton all out so its not like im winning my matchups right now either..

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You can't offer him right now by himself. It's got to be a specific team with no stashes and an available streaming spot for a 2 for 1. He's only a deal sweetener granted that you convinced them that he is going to have a possible huge 2nd half to the season. Owners have no leverage with just one look at his game log.

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Rick being a douche really.

If you really hate the guy that much and would rather play Powell, just tell him he's out of the rotation and sit his arse down.

But don't yank his minutes around and get pissed at him when he's not playing exactly as you want.

Now, I understand why Detroit and Indy got rid of his arse.

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