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6th Round Pick - 12 PPR - WHIR

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Drafting my 12 team PPR Redraft league right now and debating on who to draft at this spot.


Team so far is D. Murray, Crowell, AJ Green, Pryor, and Tate.


Options on the board: Woodhead, Powell, Sanders, R. Wilson, Snead., Garcon, and a long shot of Devante Parker (who I think will have a sneaky good year)


Thoughts here?


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I'd take Powell ahead of Woodhead personally. I'd also start to look hard at Russell Wilson at that point.


You seem fine to wait a bit on WR so I'd cross off Sanders, Snead, Garcon and Parker. You can get an WR likely equal a round later if all those guys are still on the board. 



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19 minutes ago, SenatorSpaceman said:


Even in full PPR?

I give the nod slightly to Woodhead but not sure honestly. Also, as much as Iove Wilson, I'm a firm believe in waiting on a QB. I can get same value with a Stafford, Winston, or Big Ben than Russell. And there's so many WR's I'd love. I think Garcon and Parker completely annihilate their ADP this year. And Snead is intriguing since he is now the #1 in NO.

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