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@Soaring Eagle I think I saw that 1k auction, but decided not to join since the actual league is not held in ESPN (only drafted in ESPN). I thought that was a little weird, along with some of the other settings, so I decided otherwise.

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4 minutes ago, Soaring Eagle said:

which settings did you not like

we wanted to do victory points and we are running it on MFL which supports it

i do many leagues that auction software is espn and is run on mfl

we use leaguesafe


what would make you more comfortable so you would join?

@Soaring Eagle not a fan of victory points, might as well get rid of H2H scoring at that point. Also, not a fan of the 9 bench.

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@Soaring Eagle I get that, but just like the NFL where teams aren't rewarded for most points in order to make playoffs, I don't think fantasy owners should either. That's what the most points in the regular season prize is for.

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Not to pile on but I agree with Bedrose.  I'm not a victory points fan.  I understand why people like it, it rewards owners who consistently put up higher scores than the field and is probably the "fairest" way of playing.  That said, I will only play H2H for the reasons explained by bedrose.  I only seek out non VP leagues, changing this league to VP would be problematic for me.

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1 hour ago, jhmoss1812 said:

I'm interested in joining as well




Can you explain the reasoning for no trades though?

@jhmoss1812 sent the invite


in essence a no trade in a high stakes league requires better drafting and team management, and also helps to reduce collusion with larger prizes at stake. The no trades setting is nonnegotiable.

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