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Trade for Eifert? (WHIR)


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12 PPR keeper. The way things are

shaking out, I'll likely be keeping Rodgers, Howard, Hyde, Ingram, AP, (possibly Lacy), ABrown, Cooks, Adams and Olsen. Doing that will leave me starting my draft in the fifth round, so I'll miss out on the rookies. 


I've been offered Eifert for my first and second round picks. Would you do that to get younger at TE?  I could probably even trade Olsen later on. If I DO do the trade, I wouldn't get to draft until the seventh round, so I'd basically be skipping the draft anyway. 



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23 minutes ago, mlvcfan said:

I am NOT dealing Gold for silver. 1st and 2nd waaaay to much for any TE


In a bubble, I agree.  But when we keep more than six, we start giving back draft picks.  And I think I have too much talent not to keep more than six.  So if I do, say, keep ten, I'll be giving back my first four picks and not drafting until the fifth round anyway.  Doing this trade basically means the difference between starting my draft in the fifth or the seventh. I'm just not sure there'll be a lot there to be had either way.  That's why I'm asking.

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My guess is roughly 100 players get kept outright.  Approximately another 40-50 probably get drafted before I'd get to draft in the fifth.  That will include all of the relevant rookies and guys like Lynch.   So I'm looking at guys starting at about 150th overall.  I can't really give names until keepers are declared.

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