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Chris Hogan 2017 Season Outlook

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Edelman's injury was a non-contact knee buckle when he was planting his foot. We can hope for the best but assume the worst, as Edelman looked a bit dejected on the cart. The biggest immediate beneficiary would be Chris Hogan, who would likely get the nod in two wide sets, but we shouldn't overlook the possibility that Brandin Cooks gets more short targets if Edelman is out. While Edelman is very productive, Danny Amendola and even Rex Burkhead, who has experience in the slot, can provide some of his tactical value. This wouldn't be a crippling injury for the Patriots pass offense, so there is likely a net gain for at least 1-2 pass catchers in this offense and only a small hit to Tom Brady. The Patriots have a plethora of talented pass catchers and personnel packages to put defenses at a disadvantage and Edelman isn't as essential as Rob Gronkowski or Cooks to this offense's success.

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2 minutes ago, TTRA1N said:

What is he boom or bust WR3?


I would think so still. The Pats o kind of goes back to last year now with Cooks replacing Edelman really. Edelman going down should really help the next guy in the slot and other guys who do their work over the middle, Hogan is still just a deep threat. 

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9 minutes ago, SuperHans said:

WR3 locked?


Not to me. Maybe, but not a lock. I have a feeling he will be boom or bust, so it might be hard to depend on him week to week. But worth a roster spot, because he may end up being a favorite of Brady.

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20 minutes ago, Chwf3rd said:

Why do we think Hogan takes over the slot and not Amendola?

Before he came to the Pats He was in the slot 50% of the time with the bills. He had to move over for Edelman, he was the WR3 on the pats this moves him to WR2 and he is the better talent. Pats will utilize him with 150 targets up for grabs now. Everyone thinks Edelman only worked the slot which he didn't. Hogan spent some time in the slot as well as amendola..


In 2014, Edelman spent 42% of his time in the slot, and increased to 51.2% in 2015 and increased again to 53.5% of the time in 2016.

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