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Rajai Davis is 36 years old and was on a 1 year contract with the A's. I think the trade was done with the idea of getting something in return for a player who probably wouldn't be on the roster next season. Boog Powell has been starting in CF since they acquired him from Seattle. He's shown pretty good defense and contributions from the leadoff spot so far. This doesn't mean that Fowler won't be in contention for the A's starting CF spot next season.

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Fowler is expected to be ready for spring training but it's no guarantee, and either way it would probably make sense for him to start the season at AAA and get his feet back under him after such a serious injury. I do think he has a good shot to come up and take the CF job in midseason.

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50 minutes ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

He is listed as a RF in my league that goes by LF/RF/CF.  Why CF in Oakland?  Or did he already switch over to playing CF in the minors this year?


The Yankees played him mostly in CF in the minors this year, although he did spend time on the corners too. His very brief MLB time in RF probably takes precedence for eligibility purposes for now.


We won't know for sure how the A's will use him until next season, but the fact that they've left Mateo at SS bodes well for Fowler playing CF. So does this comment from the manager:



"You know what, if you look at our depth chart, there's a good chance," A's manager Bob Melvin said. "Now, I'm getting a little ahead of myself, and certainly the front office has something to say about that, but I think that's what we were targeting, was a guy that could play center field and can run around out there and do some things that maybe we're lacking in our system."


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nice stat line and James Anderson thinks the call-up is imminent. could be a nice injection of speed and I'd imagine he'll play a lot when the call does come.

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