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2017 NHL Yahoo Fantasy Hockey $20 Buy in! Click for info

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New League! Simple League Settings. Trying to find people for a competitive Fantasy Hockey League on Yahoo. Looking for 12 teams total. Serious inquiries only. Info below! 

Text: 217-971-1419 if interested or

email: jaceoldfield2@gmail.com


Head to Head Point System



$20 buy in. (With 12 teams)

1st place: $100

2nd place: $70

3rd place: $50

4th place: $20 (money back) 


Commisioner does not keep any money after league is over. 


20 week season. Week 21, 22, and 23 are playoffs. 


Trade deadline: Feb 22nd. (About a week and a half before playoffs start) 


Point System: 

Goal: 3

Assist: 2

Plus/Minus: 1

Penalty Minutes: -.25

Power Play Goal: 1

Power Play assist: .5

Shorthanded Goal: 2

Short handed Assist: 1

Game winning goal: 2

Shots on goal: .5

Blocks: .5



Win: 5

Lose: -1

Goal against: -.5

Saves: .2

Shutout: 3



centers: 2 

wingers: 4

defence: 4

goalies: 2 

bench: 4

IR: 1

IR+: 1 

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