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Who To Drop For McFadden - WHIR

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58 minutes ago, GriffeySwag said:

If McFadden is gonna start for you all 6 weeks I'd drop Jones easy.


31 minutes ago, Scomatose said:

Don't know the rest of your team, so don't know if you need to make the move, but would much rather drop Jones.


Before you go and do something silly, they mean Marvin Jones, and not Julio Jones.


You'd think I wouldn't have to say anything, but sometimes you just never know.

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I'd drop Marvin either way. Oh McFadden won't start for u every week, guess what... he can for someone else. Scoop him. If u need production for 6 weeks and are hoping to make the playoffs by the skin of your a**, keep him. If you're setting yourself up for success and can afford to start others, ship him off for someone who'll actually put up stats for the full campaign 

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