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How'd I do/Suggestions? %100 WHIR


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18 team PPR. Projected 1st division 3rd overall 4 points overall. Using Yahoo. Snake draft. 7th pick.

QB (1) Rodgers, Luck WR (3) Jordy, Marshall, Kenny S MIA, White CHI, Josh Gordon RB (2) Peterson, Duke, Forte, Vereen, TE (1) Jack Doyle, Allen NE WR/RB 1) WR/RB/TE 1) K Lutz DEF Buffalo D Alexander DB J.C

Guy needs a QB bad (QB the top 5 could easily basically lead team to championship) right. Should I do Luck with another player for Cook NE or wait to try sang trade for RB upgrade? Or trade Rodgers instead straight up for a top skills position?

Need advice

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First of all, forget "projections."  If a Draft Analyzer likes your team, it's pretty much the kiss of death.


And that's probly true here as well.  You're screwed.


You could MAYBE get a startable RB or WR for one of your QBs (Rodgers, anyway), but then you've diluted the only real strength you have (next to Doyle at TE).  I mean, you don't even have 3 startable WRs, let alone have WRs for your two flex positions, so yeah, if you can get Brandin Cooks for Luck that would be a steal.  But then you're still going to be starting 3 of your 4 RBs every week (even if you don't have to trade another RB/WR with Luck), and that's just sad.


Here's one of my 20-man snake draft PPR teams for comparison (2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex):


QB:  Hoyer, Bradford

RB:  Ajayi, Martin, TWest, Sproles

WR:  Hilton, Fitzgerald, RAnderson, CDavis, JaBrown, Conley

TE:  Ertz, ASJ

K:  Forbath

D:  Falcons





QB:  Hoyer, Flacco

RB:  Ezekiel Elliott, Doug Martin, TWest, McFadden

WR:  Robinson, Fitzgerald, CDavis, Ginn, Goodwin, Treadwell

TE:  Doyle, ASJ

K:  Succop

D:  49ers


See what you can do when you don't go chasing QBs early?

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