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Tevin Coleman could fetch ___ @ WR? 16 Team League- 100% WHIR

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6 minutes ago, Rush2112 said:

Keep Coleman the dude is a beast and is part of the best running back duo in the league. 

Yes, but my 2 starting WRs in a 16 team league are Hilton an Jeffery. I have R. Anderson and C. Patterson on the bench. I do have Doug Martin on the bench waiting to get back from the suspension. 

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On top of the guys listed above I think Fitz may be a good target if the owner has solid WR depth and is interested in adding a high-upside stash (should Freeman go down) that will also fill in as a flex. 


Fitz went surprisingly late in my league as people seem to undervalue older WRs but I'm pretty high on him. 

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i like coleman but if you can get a solid wr2 then you have to make the deal but i wouldnt force anything

id target kelvin and parker as i see them as high redzone guys which i view as better options in half ppr

id also take sanders and m bryant over coleman as well as tate


i dont know if i would move coleman for snead, diggs, thielan

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I like Coleman and think he can be a stud of something happens to Freeman.  I wouldn't force a trade of him because he's a good flex, and you need that until Martin comes back.  I'm worried about T.Y. with Luck sidelined, so you could use another WR, but again, don't force it.  If you can get a Parker-type guy, I'd pull the trigger, but outside of that, probably not.

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I would try to flip him to the Freeman owner as well. If not maybe you can get a Parker, Thielen, maybe even Coleman (CLE) I think this is year. I'm very high on Zay jones as well. Hope this helps. Thanks with mine.


If you do high ball first don't make it insulting lol

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