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Elijah McGuire 2017 Outlook


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1 hour ago, CooL said:

Likely a one week play as the bye is next week and then possibly Forte back.

My take is that Forte will likely be out for longer than the BYE, Powell previously got the lions share of the work and their schedule is hell for three weeks after. I'm not interested in Powell's handcuff.

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16 minutes ago, dsmoke1986 said:

Forte out, what are you guys expecting in PPR for Mr. McGuire?


No clue. But I figure at this tier of RB this week, he has as good a path to touches as anyone else. I’m sure Powell will get the lions’s share of work. But against TB, I hope he will get 15 touches.

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2 minutes ago, hard1 said:

9 points from a flex was solid in ppr...but I don't like the usage or having to rely on him...


No. But he is worth a hold depending on roster and league size. Maybe Forte is done for,the year and they want to see more of McGuire the rest of the way.

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Just now, PlayTheWaivers said:

I honestly want no part of this backfield. Feels like another Giants/Lions/Seahawks situation, but they run the ball better and feel committed to give everyone 1/3rd to 1/2 snap and opportunity share.




This could be true. But there are other backfields I want even less of, like WAS, NE, NYG. Powell and McG have more value than the flotsam in those backfields imo. Chris Thompson is the lone exception obviously he doesn't belong in this comparison. URINERine is not a viable option, while Powell and McG both are.


Obviously if you are not forced to rely on any of these players you're probably not even reading this thread.

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