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Trading for Michael Thomas

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Team in sig. 12 team 2 flex


Been trying to trade for Thomas. His owner is WR heavy and needs an RB. I am bullish on Woodhead this year but if I can parlay him into Thomas I think I probably should, given that Keenan Allen and Davante Adams are no guarantees. So I offered Woodhead and Tyrell Williams to get the conversation started, then bumped it up to Woodhead and Moncrief. I think he'd do it but he's worried about Luck, understandibly. So should I offer Woodhead and Snead, given my team, and the fact we start 2 FLEX? That would essentially move Moncrief or Tyrell Williams into my starting lineup.



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1 minute ago, JohnD said:

I own Thomas and there is no way in hell I would make that trade. If you can swing that you should jump on it


Me neither but he's starting Montgomery and Riddick for his RBs and is deep on WR. I'd roll with his team if I were him but this is why I always ask around. Try and exploit insecurities. This means I'm starting either Moncrief or Tyrell Williams though ? soooo

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If the Thomas owner does that trade, then it's time to just quit the league. Playing with idiots isn't very rewarding in the long run. I mean, so what if you beat someone who has obvious issues. The offer you gave is WAY below fair value. 


Would you give up David Johnson for Darren Sproles and Stefan Diggs? That's about the same thing here!

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