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Bye Week QB Question? - WHIR

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While Mariota's bye week is quite a ways off, I figure there isn't any harm in preparing well in advance. As I've only rostered one QB, I don't have anyone lined up to start once he's on bye. Almost every other team in my league has two QBs, so there aren't many great options as FA.


Here's a quick list of who is available: Flacco, Bradford, Smith, Kizer, etc.


Nothing great. My roster is in my sig, and honestly, none of those guys are worth dropping someone for, right?


My gameplan, for now, is just to wait it out. My thinking is that surely someone will drop a backup QB worth rostering between now and Week 8, and eventually, through trades or fantasy duds, I'll have a player worth dropping. Is that sound logic?


Thanks, WHIR

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I wouldn't worry about it yet.  Mariota's bye week isn't for two months.  I'd wait and see what players start getting dropped as a result of bye week replacements, you might find a better option than those that are available right now.  If you feel you have to choose someone right now I would recommend Flacco solely on the basis that Baltimore hosts Miami that week. 

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  • I would deffinitely wait it out. But if you had to drop someone I would drop Golladay or Hogan. Golladay is a rookie and it unknown how he'll before in a real game. With Hogan (and I'm a diehard Pats fan) everybody just assumed he'll be getting edelmans production because of how he performed in a preseason game. I dont see him as startable in your league.
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