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Trade Hilton? WHIR 100%

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Okay I drafted him in an auction but all I can think of is how luck may not even play! Does his value go down quite a bit if luck isn't there? Below is my team in a 16 teamer


qb- rivers

wr- Hilton 

wr- Jeffery 

rb- gurley

rb- d cook

flex- t Coleman 

te- brate

k- janikowski


bench- doug Martin, Robby Anderson, cordale Patterson, Jared cook, Alex smith, Wendell Smallwood 


should I hold ty? Try and move him for someone like Evans or Odell? The Beckham owner Needs rbs. 



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Just now, Acidious said:

Just remember that whatever you paid for Hilton was more than anyone else was willing to pay so you would likely take a hit in value. Is this a standard or PPR?

Yeah I know I wouldn't get back full return but also didn't think luck would be gone either. Everyday goes by and I think he's out. 


It is 0.5 ppr

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Keep Hilton. You won't get equal value and Luck will only miss 2-3 games.


One thing people are forgetting that while Tolzien sucks Hilton was having a good game when Tolzien started last year--he just got hurt in the middle of the game, left for a while, caught one pass after halftime and then left the game for good. He had a big 32 yard gain. With Tolzien in they will be trailing and he will throw a lot. He has shown a decent ability to generate yards, albeit with turnovers. I still see TY as a solid WR2 even with Tolzien and he would resume being a mid-tier WR1 after 2-3 games.

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