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Rodney Hood 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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I liked his potential and thought he could be a really good player, he's still a decent sleeper this year and I think he'll surpass his ADP by a few rounds, but the injuries are a problem. Utah is abs

Staying the course....was my sleeper last yr... .injuries made him crap the bed (ahem). With GH gone....he's going to go off this yr...can't drop unless your in a 10 teamer. He practically has no valu

Hell be hurt by next week

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2 hours ago, Asapjoshy said:

Every year I say I won’t draft this guy and every year I regret this lolll dudes made of glass.. was lighting it up this year too

I said the very same thing before the draft. Picked him 10th. Annnnndd... Welp! Here we are..!

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2 minutes ago, GarbageTyme said:

Anyone here think they'll ramp him up slowly or is he going to hit the ground running? What was his last few performances like after coming off an injury?


Tbh I don't think it really matters. Initially he's being activated for one goal and one goal only. To get hurt again somehow. <_<

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14 minutes ago, matkm said:

Is it bad that i’m counting down the days til he gets injured again :/

i was actually upset that I wasn't quick enough to swap my IL spots with him and wall.


Now I'm stuck and I don't know who to drop.


Then again, I am not going to drop and will just wait for him to be on the IL again. :D

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