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Am I totally screwed at TE with this team?

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Drafted 11th in a 12 man HPPR league..  Went Demarco in the 2nd round and in the 7/8 turn I got Henry/KHunt.  The best avail TE in round 9 was Ebron so I drafted him and Hooper at 9/10.  Here's my team below 

QB - Brees (35) 

RB - Murray (14)

RB - Lynch (38)

WR - Evans (11) 

WR - Benjamin (59) 

WR - Fitzgerald (62)

TE - Ebron (131) 

FLEX - KHunt (86)

Bench:  Henry (83), Stewart (107), Decker (110), Hooper (134), Latavius (155), Rams D/ST (158), Jamaal Williams (179), Golladay (182) 

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I think you're totally fine at TE, in fact I'm targeting that exact combo. I think TE this year, as usual, has a really narrow top tier (ie. Gronk and Kelce), a few bankable options in a tier much farther below (Olsen et al) and then a wide tier of stream-able options. If I don't get Gronk or Kelce, I'm taking two late in that wide swath tier and probably streaming at some point. Ebron and Hooper are both upside picks I like. There's also probably some usable guys on the wire. I think you're good. 


EDIT: the only thing I wouldn't have done is taken them back to back at the 9/10 turn. I think you panicked and took Hooper too early to overcompensate. Ebron there I'm ok with. Probably wouldn't have taken both. Regardless, your team looks good. 

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25 minutes ago, bounce said:

Unless you grabbed Gronk, Kelce, or Olsen -- Reed, if healthy -- I think everyone is about in the same boat as you at TE.  Anywhere between 4-7 points a game, occasionally will get 10+ and occasionally will get 1.  


This, basically, although I think the list is a bit longer.  But the basic principle is correct.  There will be some waiver wire type guy (could be Julius Thomas, Hooper, one of the Steelers, Njoku, Engram, Gates, you just never know) who ends up around TE10-12 this year.  I don't think it's really possible to be "screwed at TE."

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