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Chance to get Julio on same team as AB and Gronk.. help asap please


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Is it PPR? This is tough because you're going to have a rough couple of weeks until Martin comes back, and then you are completely thin at RB (I don't like any Patriots RB, which is why I'm not really thinking about Gilly much).  You're going to have to hope Ingram's timeshare situation is less of that and that AP hype is overblown, and you're going to have to hope that D. Henry becomes a viable flex option as his usage increases for bye weeks for your normal starters.  AND you're going to have to hope no one gets hurt.


That being said, given your WR depth, I think you can trade Garcon or Diggs and a RB for an upgrade at RB.  I think you do this deal, personally.

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I wouldn't do the original. It is never a good idea to give up both your starting RBs, I think it hurts you hard at RB if you do that deal. Crabtree Demarco is better, but I still don't like giving up my RB1, ever. I kind of like your team as is, What if you tried Gronk/Hyde or Martin?

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Pump the brakes on this ASAP stuff.  Take a little time to let the offer sink in.  So your 4 starters would be


Brown, Julio

Ingram, Gilly(for the first 3 weeks at least)




Brown, Crabtree



To me the dropoff between Julio and Crabtree is nowhere close to the dropoff  from Murray/Hyde to Ingram/Gilly so I wouldn't do it.

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Dang.. I accepted it due to the fact Murray might slow down with Henry on his tail, and Hyde faces a brutal schedule and on a not so great offense. I appreciate the replies though fellas.. I might've made a mistake accepting (at work at the moment so I sort of rushed it) but I do own burkhead and henry along with Martin, Blount, and Carson. And I think Ingram and Gilly are pretty good RBs.. not stellar like Demarco, but serviceable enough to hold the fort down

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