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[WHIR] Packaging Sanders + Snead for...?


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So, as the title indicates, is there a possible upgrade available by packaging Sanders and Snead? 


The QB situation for Sanders is far from reassuring for his value. Checking his PPR stats last season, he was pretty boom or bust, either going for 20+ or single digits most weeks. He does have a reputation for being a guy with a fairly high floor, but I'm afraid his QB situation will severely limit his ceiling this season. 


Snead has already been a rollercoaster as an owner. I felt really good about him post-draft, and then for a few weeks, I considered him a sneaky WR3 with WR2 upside. However, he's now been suspended for three weeks, meaning that he'll have to sit on my bench for those three weeks. He then has a Week 4 matchup against the Dolphins before a Week 5 bye. That means Snead will be effectively useless until Week 6. 


Basically, I would like to move the two for a WR upgrade, if possible. Or, maybe some reassurance that I should just wait it out?


What would you do?

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Your best bet is to probably wait until Snead comes back. I can't imagine anyone wanting to trade much for him now.


Sanders isn't very consistent, but you can say that about just about every guy being drafted around the same spot (Hill, Benjamin, Robinson, Watkins). I think he's a fine WR2/3.

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Is there anything worth targeting for a trade here? I like the idea of buying low on Hilton, but I know that Snead and Sanders wouldn't cut it there. I also like Adams in the GB offense. A lot depends on the Zeke decision, though, which should be coming soon; having Forte as a starting RB isn't good.


QB: Cousins, Luck

RB: Ajayi, Elliott, Forte, and Chris Thompson

WR: Hilton, Adams, Tyreek Hill, J. Matthews, T. Williams, and K. White

TE: Eifert

K: Prater

D/ST: Bills and Chiefs



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