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Is taking Zeke at 1.04 Suicide?

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10 minutes ago, jvfantasy said:

In keeper and since you already have Freeman, I wouldn't say suicide. I guess it all depends on who is available in the first round but I'm not taking Zeke over AB, Julio, Evans, or OBJ at that point even in standard.


jvfantasy nailed it. I might would take Zeke over Julio only because of Julio's injuries every year, but it's definitely not suicide either way


help with mine?


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1 hour ago, KennyWoo said:

It's cocking the gun.  We don't know if it'll go off though.




That probly says what I was going to say better than I was going to say it.  I was going to say that it may not be suicide, but it's certainly reckless endangerment.

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Looking very likely he'll play this weekend based on the latest news, but making things cloudy as his suspension could start in week 2 instead (worst case) meaning he's out from weeks 2-9.  But with all the drama, he can still have his suspension reduced or non at all.  Just need to factor those possibilities in your draft. 


From twitter:

IN COURT @NFL 'hesistant to respond' to Judge Mazzant Q.  #ZekeElliott + #Cowboys : YES Week 1, Wk 2 1s potential game missed @1053thefan https://twitter.com/fishsports/status/905195815093886976 

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