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Need help with this trade. WHIR


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for me it's a go - gronk can be the biggest game changer in football, but you have to know you are taking a risk with his health. I think ARod to Brees isn't that huge of a move down and CJA to J Stew is a decent downgrade (but you have the RBs to make up for it),but Bennett to Gronk is a huge upgrade. So I think your team can handle it, just be comfortable with that risk/reward


help with mine?


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9 minutes ago, hiddenz said:

I give: Bennett, CJA, Aaron Rodgers


I get: Gronk, J stew. Brees




My Rbs are: Crowell, Hunt, Mixon, Burkhead, D. Henry



On the surface I do like it given the Res you have. I would be able to tell for if I saw your whole roster.



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I'd do it.  I'm high on Bennett this year but really he's a dart throw like most TE out of the top 5 or so.  Could be huge, could be someone you're looking to drop soon.  Gronk you know is TE1 when healthy.  Brees is QB3 for me so the move from Rodgers is medium-sized.  CJA has some headaches around him and I'm one of the few who likes Stewart.  Realistically I think you're getting the most valuable player (by far) and the 3rd most valuable in Brees, giving up the 2nd and 4th in Rodgers and CJA.  And then trading Bennett for Stewart (you'd probably drop Bennett if you owned Gronk anyway).  Furthermore, CJA was surplus to requirements on your roster.  I like this trade a lot.


Thanks for mine.

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