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ROS: R Devers or T Frazier?


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I need to drop either Todd Frazier or Rafael Devers at 3B and likely won't be able to make another move the rest of the season under our league's quirky rules.  I have more priority on runs and average than HR and RBI.


I'm inclined to drop Frazier, but concerned if Devers becomes only part-time rest of season.


Which would you drop?

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So it's week 1 of my fantasy playoffs and I'm currently behind the 8 ball coming into Thursday..


I've used 2 of my 5 add/drops thus far and I'm looking to improve on some pitching for the rest of the week to turn things around.


My pitching includes:

SPs are as follows: Corbin, Teheran, McCullers, Bundy, Cobb, Darvish and Kershaw with RPs being Parker, Diaz and Jansen


For my guys in the field and in the batting line up I have:

Molina, Freeman, LeMahieu, Gennett, Reyes, Williams, Blackmon, Judge, Santana, Smoak, Davis and Brantley who is currently on the DL


This is a Yahoo fantasy league so the positions I have available right now is Davis sitting out and of course Brantley stuck on the IR. All others are in the line up each night.


Should I drop any of my pitchers/RPs for the remainder of the week and spot start some each night to improve my points? Any guys hot right now that can replace some of my batters in the line up? I'm down 7-3 right now and need to turn it around real quick so I'm looking for desperate measures.. any help is lovely.



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