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Trevor Ariza 2017-2018 season outlook

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Who is the joke on now?   I think this guy is a drop if you are in an 8-teamer for sure, and if in 10-team he might also be a drop depending on the waiver wire.

The fact that someone dropped ariza and the fact that you have to ask if hes worth burning a waiver for him suggests to me that your league is not competitive...not one bit 

You waited for the one bad game since you last asked about dropping him 10 days ago to come in and ask who the joke's on now?

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ariza's like rocky. he blows @$$ in the beginning, and pumps it up as the season progresses as what meadowlark says. i wouldnt be  concerned, his minutes are there.

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28 minutes ago, Soccer8098 said:

I dropped for Joe Ingles but im in a 10 team league, id probably hold in a 12 team league and just sit him if you can. 


I may be able to grab Chriss off waivers tomorrow, so i may move on as well.

Im sure he will go off the very next game.

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Even with the injury, you can’t drop Ariza unless you’re in an 8 teaser league or less. He’ll bounce back.


As for the injury, roto news says he might miss games this week, so are we thinking he’s out for Friday and Saturday? Or is he more day-to-day?

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He was just cut in my league, I owned Trevor last year (2nd half) and it was miserable. I have added cats like fg's made and ft's made and no turnovers so that all affects Ariza negatively. Is his ceiling 10/5/2/2 with 2 threes per and horrid percentages?? I don't know if that is worth owning in my format.

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Lmao at this bum.


14 hours ago, Deke said:

Actually impressive to put up such a terrible stat line in 40 min. 


Well buckle up tight. Because he can totally blow the roof off the place. 



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His bad percentages usually doesn't affect you much because he isn't taking too many shots.  Same goes for the free throws.  Low turnover and the ultra high steal / 3's combination is what makes him good in fantasy.  I am gonna try to buy low for sure.. especially with the sprained ankle. 

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