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General roster tweaks W H I R

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My team today:


KHunt, Gordon, Ingram, Riddick, Burkhead, Vereen

Cooks, MBryant, Diggs, DAdams, Zay Jones



Phillip Rivers is in for a long day at Denver. Probably throws for 210, 1TD and 3INTs while getting sacked 4 times.

Bradford is available. His matchup vs the Saints is juicy.

Evan Engram is also out there.   I typically try to hold some RB depth early on, but Vereen or Burkhead don't project to be much more than bye week fill-ins at best. 

I could drop two RBs (or an RB and Zay) to get a QB2 and TE2.


Then my team would look like this.

Rivers, Bradford

KHunt, Gordon, Ingram, Riddick

Cooks, MBryant, Diggs, DAdams, Zay Jones

Ertz, Engram



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Can you still drop Burkhead in your league this week? I would figure after the game is completed, you're stuck waiting until next week. 


If nobody in your league has grabbed Engram yet, I don't think anyone will before Sunday. You might have some competition for him if he has a great game this weekend, but if not, you hang onto your RB depth until you know what's up.


I'd definitely consider dropping Vereen for Bradford. It helps you in this week's matchup and I think he's a decent QB2 option. And if you see someone on the wire, you can drop him to replenish that RB depth. 

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