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12 man league, I need to drop 2 players as I don't yet have a kicker/IDP for Sunday.  Team is as follows:


QB - Drew Brees

WR - Antonio Brown

WR - Allen Robinson

RB - Lamar Miller

RB - Ameer Abdullah

TE - Jordan Reed

WR/TE - Keenan Allen

QB/WR/RB/TE - Sam Bradford

Bench - Jay Cutler (QB), Rishard Matthews (WR), Donte Moncrief (WR), Matt Forte (RB), Jamaal Williams (RB), CJ Prosise (RB), Wendall Smallwood (RB), Chris Hogan (WR)


I'm leaning towards dropping Wendall Smallwood and Jamaal Williams, however, I'm already weak at RB so I'm not sure... inversely though, I have some stud WRs on my bench so I'm not sure if I feel good parting with any of them.  I actually had intent of playing Cutler > Bradford regularly as I'm a believer, but I dunno, need to see how he panes out yet.  Any thoughts on which 2 to drop would be greatly appreciated!



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I think your choosing the right two here. Williams for sure seems like a low risk drop as he didn't impress in preseason, and in the event of a ty injury would possibly fall more into a rbbc rather then bell cow role.


smallwood seems like clearer path to success here but he has shown no evidence of being another more then a JAG and Blount doesn't have much of an injury history.



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Thanks for help with mine.


I'd drop Moncrief definitely when/if Luck comes back, he is going to be rusty and I don't think his arm will be right all season. There is also a chance that the Colts are out of contention by the time he's ready at which point, why play him if there is any risk? Moncrief is also totally TD dependent when Luck is 100% too. Drop.


I like the upside of all your other guys but at the end of the day, I'd probably drop R Matthews. He has Decker and Davis to compete with now and will probably be one of those guys that stays on the WW save the bye weeks. I would think you can get him back if one of the other guys clearly doesn't work out.


I would not drop Jamaal Williams. If he gets his pass pro cleaned up he could end up being the guy in GB. If he doesn't, he could still be in an RBBC on one of the best offenses in the NFL. W Smallwood could be useful too. 

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I'd drop Williams. He's losing his hold on backing up Montogomery to Aaron Jones. Either way, I don't see Williams being the lone back in GB even if Montgomery gets injured. 


Unless your league are a bunch of QB hoarders, Cutler will likely be nothing more than a bye week and maybe one spot start for Drew at best. If you're not comfortable dropping Jay, go with Smallwood.

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