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Monday Night Miracles - What do you need?

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One of my favorite topics of discussion here.


I'm down 28 points in my main money league.

I have Brees, Dalvin Cook, Mark Ingram and Younghoe Koo.

Opponent has Michael Thomas, Adam Thielein and Adrian Peterson.


So i basically need Brees to throw all his TDs not to Thomas, Ingram to get most of the work and for AP to poop him self.

Excited to see what Cook can do too.

Also hoping for some 50 yard field goals from Koo in the thin denver air.




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Need 104 points from Jordan Howard...

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Thanks to the injury and the did and down 15 with busy my kicker and he has 2 players left. Decided to drop the kicker to pick up Kamara so at least if he has a good gamei breast every one to waivers and then can drop Robinson for a kicker.

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In one league, I need DThomas to outscore Sanders in the late game. 


In another league, I need 59 points from Brees, Ingram, AP, Sanders, Thielen, and Lutz. I'm not real hopeful in that league. 


My thirs league is locked up...unless his DThomas scores 100 points while my MThomas is shut out. 

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I need 70 points between Gordon, Allen, Diggs, Ingram and Lutz. 0.5 ppr. 


This could be;

Allen: 18 pts (10 catches, 100 yards)

Gordon: 14 pts (80 yards, TD)

Ingram: 14.5 pts (80 yards rushing, 3 catches 50 yards receiving)

Diggs: 22.5 pts (5 catches, 110 yards, 1 TD)

Lutz: 5 pts (1FG, 3 EPs)


So not impossible, but tough considering AP revenge game and Chargers v Denver. Trying to overcome Hunt/Brown/Cooper, so we'll see.



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I'm down 2.7 Points I have M.Thomas and W.Lutz while my opponent has D.Cook,C.J.Anderson and Broncos Defense

I need Cook to have a bad game against NO barley scoring 10 points CJ to play poorly and then get bench and chargers put up some points on that broncos defense while having M.Thomas putting up 8/100/2  and W.lutz getting 10+ points

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