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Monday Night Miracles - What do you need?


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Thielen and Latavius to combine for 32+ points. 


Oh, and for Latavius to become a legit every week starter/stud, and for Thielen to cement himself as a WR2...now that I’ve lost Odell for the year. 


Confidence level? Not high. 

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In one league I need the Viking's D to outscore McKinnon by 7.  Not probable, but not impossible either.  Losing this one would hurt because I have Fournette and AJ, and I'm behind because of the Jag's D.  Here's to hoping Mitch throws multiple pick sixes.  


In another league, I need the Viking's D and Rudolph to stay within 15 points of Diggs.    My win is close to a lock here.  

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56 minutes ago, oliminator123 said:

Diggs for 6 thanks to Hopkins garbage fluke touchdowns last night.


This is me non ppr, standard. Under 60 yards and a TD or under 120 yards receiving... I feel like not even watching and checking box scores later. Fantasy puts so much stress watching haha.

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