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Robert Covington 2017-2018 season outlook

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13 hours ago, imaginarykid said:

just drop this guy and pickup a hot FA, trust me, with all the trades happening now in the NBA last thing you want is to hold onto this bum and misses out on a breakout game changer player 


Look man, we get it.  You hate Lord Covington.  That's fine.  If you dropped him then why come back to the thread and spew bad advice?  I just hope that people don't make hasty moves based on your posts.  You're right, he's been underwhelming for the past month or so but dropping isn't the solution.  If you are just sick of him then trade him away but in no situation should you outright drop him.  This is a bad time to try and sell him so you've gotta hold tight.  I have a feeling a stock party is coming soon.


Past 8 games:  12.1 pts, 4.3 reb, 2.3 ast, 1.0 stl, 1.0 blk, 2.5 threes on 42%/88% shooting.


You'd like the steals to be above 1.5 but recently he's pretty much producing the numbers that people expected on draft day.

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I got offered Jimmy Butler for Covington and i thought it was very rude to offer a Butler for a Lord. Butler is there to serve while Lord is there to rule

Apparently Covington found out right before the game his childhood friend had been shot and killed. Hope the Lord gets through it ok. That would also explain his performance

our Lord is testing us to see who amongst us are loyal and who amongst are thieving scoundrels.  Stay faithful brothers and sisters.  This is but a dry spell.  Our Lord will rain 3s upon us soon!

I keep starting him over guys that are ballin at the minute (like josh jackson). Restoring my faith in the lord has been tough. Every game i expect him to bounce back, yet its typical to look at the scores at half time and see hes taken 0-3 shots, 0-3 reb and maybe 1 stock. The lord is breaking my heart.

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I'd hold if you can. He's a streaky guy to begin with and was as hot as he's ever been to start the season, but it should come back around. As a Sixers fan I can say that he's being asked to do too much on offense. He's a knock down shooter who is a menace on defense, but an awful finisher with a weak handle. The Belinelli signing should reduce some of what he's being asked to do and getting him playing freely again.

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On 2/15/2018 at 12:43 AM, CORTEz said:

Fear not owners. Every king has their bad days and stretches.


The lord works in mysterious ways Post-All Star break, those who are patient will be heavily rewarded come next week.


Not looking good for this prediction. Weak weak competition, weaker game. Need to drop him, Anderson, IT2 or Skal when Skal is back, and RC is looking like the man at this point. How did it come to this.

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4 hours ago, croydonfacelift said:


Strong disagree. He's just not as useful to Philly this year because they have a much better team. I'm really disappointed in his fantasy performance, but don't think it's for lack of effort.

i totally agree, he is good on tanking teams. 

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