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Robert Covington 2017-2018 season outlook

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On 19/10/2017 at 12:26 AM, pdids911 said:

all my fantasy instincts are telling me to not buy high, but i need the lord on my side. im considering offering ibaka and jaylen brown for RoCo. someone talk me off the ledge. 

I don't think any Covington owner who would accept that...

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I got offered Jimmy Butler for Covington and i thought it was very rude to offer a Butler for a Lord. Butler is there to serve while Lord is there to rule

Apparently Covington found out right before the game his childhood friend had been shot and killed. Hope the Lord gets through it ok. That would also explain his performance

our Lord is testing us to see who amongst us are loyal and who amongst are thieving scoundrels.  Stay faithful brothers and sisters.  This is but a dry spell.  Our Lord will rain 3s upon us soon!

3 hours ago, CFN said:

Box score shows RoboCov has 22 points with 6 threes in just 9 minutes. That can't be right. Is that correct?

The lowly mortal plebe T-Mac scored 13pts in 33 seconds, so why the hell not!? Thy shalt never doubt the Lord. 

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19 hours ago, IDatDude said:

Bobbit did make the Lord look mortal tonight tho.... crossed the shiiit out of him  made him fall/messed up knee + went locker. Anyone see that sequence?  Luke bobbit of all ppl loll

And on the third day, he shall rise again

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5 minutes ago, Asapjoshy said:

Been offered the Lord Covington for my taurean prince... should I go with the lord of philly or prince of Atlanta..

You know this ain't AC help forum...

And if you don't know the answer to that question... 

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9 hours ago, Asapjoshy said:

You all have gobbled the lorD Covington’s nuts but I may join the party 

The lord has been blessed with only the biggest of nuts for all of us unworthy worshippers to gobble on. 

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