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Robert Covington 2017-2018 season outlook

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I got offered Jimmy Butler for Covington and i thought it was very rude to offer a Butler for a Lord. Butler is there to serve while Lord is there to rule

Apparently Covington found out right before the game his childhood friend had been shot and killed. Hope the Lord gets through it ok. That would also explain his performance

our Lord is testing us to see who amongst us are loyal and who amongst are thieving scoundrels.  Stay faithful brothers and sisters.  This is but a dry spell.  Our Lord will rain 3s upon us soon!

I come to this thread ever so often to see what I'm missing out on this year. I won back to back championships with this guy  at the head of my team. I made the mistake that He would drop to me in the 6th, boy was i wrong. People finally have recognized our true lord and savior. 

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5 minutes ago, K50K said:

I remember a few years back when he got called up from the D-League..... It's been like watching one of my children grow before my eyes. Such a beautiful thing!

Indeed! I remember picking him up from FA two years ago. Seriously if he keeps up with this production level, he can be one of the 3 all star selections from the sixers team.

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7 hours ago, nofsky said:

Do you guys think he will rank better than ariza as they are comparable?





Our Lord provides us with defensive stats the likes that few have seen.  He showers us with threes.  He has far better hair.  His shoe game is unmatched.  Ariza?  Ariza who!??!@?!?  


(Yeah.. he's far better and my judgment is not clouded.. much) :)

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Robert Covington is eligible to sign a contract extension Wednesday and league sources say Philly is indeed on course to seal that new deal as soon as it’s permissible - Marc Stein


No brainer

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