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Would you trade Kareem Hunt for OBJ? Teams inside, 100% WHIR

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Standard scoring (non-PPR) 12-team.


My team: http://i.imgur.com/LzXBsjj.png

-I RECEIVE: Odell Beckham Jr.


His team: http://i.imgur.com/QARLOa0.png

-HE RECEIVES: Kareem Hunt


So, I may have enticed a guy to trade a gimpy OBJ for Kareem (who I picked up in free agency after Ware injury since my commissioner decided to have us draft before preseason week 3, and as a Chiefs fan, I sniped Hunt as soon as Ware went down).


Am I throwing away what is potentially a historic Zeke-like RB1 season (who I got for literally nothing, I think I dropped Kevin bleeping White for him) for an overhyped, injured, but nonetheless bonafide 1st round pick? Or am I getting massive value by selling someone the hype and receiving a beast in return?


The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I am weak at receiver, especially with the loss of Allen Robinson. So if the trade went through, I'd have Shady and Zeke as RB1 and RB2, and then OBJ and Tyreek or Martavis or Coleman as WRs 1 and 2. However, I worry about my RBs - while Shady and Zeke is an elite RB 1/2 combo, my RB3 is Derrick Henry. Obviously I would flex one of those three WRs after OBJ.  I just dropped Allen Robinson for Jamaal Charles, but again, between him and Henry, all I have behind Shady and Zeke are lottery tickets in the event that their respective starters get injured. 


Meanwhile, the guy I'm trading with's two RBs? Bilal Powell, Mixon, and Lacy. It would definitely be in his interest to get Kareem, since his receivers after OBJ are alright (Michael Thomas, Kelvin Benjamin, Mike Wallace, TY Hilton)


So, this is really my thinking. I do not have a guaranteed "yes" from the guy, but he definitely piqued his ears up when we were talking earlier.


WHIR 100%, but please give a sentence or two in return explaining your thoughts.


EDIT: I should add that there are scoring bonuses that slightly are likely to happen more often for RBs (3 points rushing for an RB for 100, whereas 3 points receiving for a WR for 120, whereas the 7 point bonus is awarded to the RB after 250 yards, while the WR only needs 220):





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It's extremely fair value, but I'm worried about OBJ. It's been 20 days he got hurt. That hit would have been a sprained MCL or worse to basically anyone else. To me he feels a couple weeks away. This sort of injury could linger for the rest of the season.


Personally I'd give it another week. If Hunt still looks like a stud, you could go after healthier WRs.

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Man, tough call. 

I think it's pretty clear Hunt is primed for a huge season, given his usage the other night. 

OBJ will obviously produce, but WR's, in my experience, are less predictable than RB's in terms of weekly consistency. That includes Beckham. 


If you feel confident that Beckham can put up respectable numbers on a weekly basis, I'd go for it, but man is it tough to surrender. Hunt. I'd almost rather surrender Shady for a different WR1 since Buffalo will be a wreck this year. 

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I prefer a high-volume high-floor RB at the flex compared to WR, who can be very streaky. You've got Hunt and Zeke, who both have great offensive lines and should be solid all year. I think McCoy is your third-best RB in this scenario.


OBJ is injured, and the NYG offensive line looked like absolute trash last night. While a healthy OBJ brings a different element to the NYG offense, Eli was running for his life and dumping off passed underneath all night. And how much of OBJ's season will be double-covered as a decoy opening up Marshall, Shepard, and Engram for targets?


In this case I'd stand pat. 

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LOL, I did it, last week, and obviously had sellers remorse after Thursday night, but OBJ, when healthy, is as consistent as they come. I think it's very fair value wise, and given that you have good RB depth and need help at WR I would probably do it. 

OBJ has put together 3 seasons of 1300 plus yards and 10+ TD's, he's a stud. Hunt looked the part, certainly after Thursday night, but he has injury history as well, and RB's are more injury prone than WR's. It's a tough call man, you can't be faulted either direction you go, just go with what your gut tells you in this situation.

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Yes - This is a trade you should make.  This is a trade you HAVE to make.  You are deep at RB and an elite WR rounds out your team.  Rookie RBs typically drop-off as the long season wears them down and teams adjust to how they are being used.  OBJ has already shown that he can produce monster games all season long and even when the defense locks in on him.  If Kareem Hunt has even an average game next week, there is no way the other guy would agree to this trade.  You should strike fast while everyone is over-reacting based on 1 game.  If you look at it like this, you are trading a waiver claim that cost you nothing for a top 5 pick in the draft.  I don't know what the other teams look like in your league, but your line-up with OBJ should win 9 times out of 10.

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In a PPR league I would consider it. However after looking at your team, I say no. Depth is so important and Mccoy has shown he can break down. You have 2 WR slots in your league and there's no reason to rush after week 1. Hold and wait for a better offer from a more desperate team. This isn't a must do for you. Your WR's you have are more than serviceable. 

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My brain hurts over this


I do agree that the RB depth would be a problem if either of them broke down.


What about a package of my Kareem Hunt and Corey Coleman for his OBJ and Bilal Powell? Helps backfill my RBs with at least a serviceable (albeit not appealing) backup, while giving him a pretty safe WR with high upside potential as the season unfolds to fill OBJ.

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I still say no to that deal. It's getting worse for you imo with that offer. The upside of coleman outweighs the usage of powell imo. And we have no idea what's going to be happening to the Jets as the year goes on. Why take that risk? Your side of that offer is clearly better. Cobb, Hillman, Bryant and Coleman is a pretty above average rotation at WR for a 2WR setup. The RB draft this year was already thin and it's not like Henry is a bonified sub in RB right now. It only takes a bad injury like DJ this week to put you in a bind and you're going to need that especially with the way RB's can go down in a flash. Plus you have a flex and in standard league, you can make use of all 3 of those backs and the off-weeks they need to sit out. 

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