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9/11/2017 - MNF: New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings

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Bradford did have a redonkulous 71% rate last season. Pair that with a pass defense that couldn't stop Alabama and this is the result. Alex Smith lighting up a defense that just won a Super Bowl and went out and got even more studs is the REAL shocker of the week. That Oline for the Chiefs was incredible too.

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3 minutes ago, murraygd13 said:


They were down 17..3 scores..they needed a FG sometime anyways.

1 minute ago, Flyers_28 said:

but you cant stop the other team from scoring 


And logically, wouldn't you want your time-crunch 2-minute drill drive to only need a FG, instead of taking it with 10+ minutes on the clock and requiring a TD to tie/win?

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2 minutes ago, Sternes said:

Know what I love?  Ingram really should be the most irate.  Who ran for over 1,000 yards last year and who ran for 72?  Now he is in a time share splitting even carries with AP, and a rookie is getting more than either one of them.

This. AP is old and one dimensional Kamara  doesn't look great,  is a rookie and seems more suited for the pure passing down back.  Ingram is the only versatile one. Throwing to AP and running Kamara up the middle is nonsensical.

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Just now, burninglegs said:

Alex Smith was the surprise for me tbh. Bradford was a target of mine in leagues were I ended up going QB late w/ streaming. Bradford against Saints week 1 + at home + having Thielen/Diggs/Rudolph/Cook all healthy. Bradford could be a sneaky pick for being a top 10 QB this season.


Agreed. I've been on the Bradford train all summer as well (see the Diggs and Thielen threads). But never did I believe Diggs was a potential superstar like he's showing. I knew he was good, but damn. That 200 yard game Thielen had last year was no fluke either. Its is the Saints, but the Vikings offense is very impressive all-around nonetheless

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