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Aussie/Oceanic keeper league

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This is going to be a long shot but here goes. 

Wondering if we have many or ANY people from down my way on this forum. Im from Australia but anyone in the Oceanic region will do.

Looking for more leagues to join . I want to join a few on here but due to the large time difference it makes it difficult to join any drafts ect


So if anyone has any openings in a league or would be wanting to start one in this area hook me up.


Yahoo is my choice of sites. Any keeper leagues dynasty or not and would be happy to take over a team as well.  I enjoy a challenge :)

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On 16/09/2017 at 8:16 PM, JSR555 said:

I have a 12 team keeper league. Over half the owners are from Aus if your interested. The draft is off line so no drama there with time differnece. I'm looking for one owner, but it is espn.




I am interested. PM sent

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I have a custom ESPN Head-to-Head points auction keeper league with a weekly lockout. I need to find at least one owner who will be active for the whole year (including the playoffs) no matter how your team is going. The available team is Lights.

You can check out the league using the link below:


Please check the settings before responding.


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