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Dice-K for Maggio Ordonez


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10 team, AL only, team in sig. Categories as follows: average, HR, RBI, runs, 2*SB+BB, wins, ERA, IP-H, K-BB, saves-blown saves+holds/2.

My offense has been struggling lately so I'm looking to add another power bat. After some negotiating with an owner desperate for pitching, the following offer is on the table and the other owner says it's a go for him:

He gets - SP Daisuke Matsuzaka and either JD Drew or Garret Anderson (he doesn't care which)

I get - OF Magglio Ordonez and SP Jesse Litsch

I'm fine with the Dice-K for Magglio part, Litsch is decent enough and I think the big part of my pitching staff (Lee, McGowan and Greinke) can absorb the loss of Dice-K, but I'm not sure about the rest. Dealing Drew or Anderson (I'd likely send Anderson) means I have to keep one of the Hanrahan/Scutaro/Catalanotto trio on my active roster in the UT slot. Thoughts on this deal for me? Is it enough of an upgrade?

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Dice K is a f'n nibbler who doesn't know how to man up and get people out.

He looked pretty good tonight. With my offense starting to pick it up (thanks Youker), I may just stand pat for a while. Thanks for the replies!!

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