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Danilo Gallinari 2017-2018 Season Outlook


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55 minutes ago, -M- said:
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#Clippers add that Danilo Gallinari will be re-evaluated in January.



wow! will be evaluated in 2 weeks? that means he's going to comeback at the end of January lol

Where is the two weeks coming from?  All I read was January. 

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9 hours ago, python3 said:

Clippers' sideline reporter just said Gallo said it would be up to six weeks that he's out.  Not sure if he meant six weeks from now, or from when he got injured.


I think he meant six weeks from when he got hurt.  I just read the article that mentioned Gallo saying he was going to be out six weeks.:


The Clippers said Gallinari will continue to rehabilitate his injury and will be re-evaluated in January.

"More or less, it's the same thing I did before, but maybe a little more time," he said. "So the rehab I did in four weeks, you're going to spread it out in six weeks instead of four weeks."



Sounds like he has been rehabbing it already.  Last time he was out a total of 5 weeks, so it will probably be 7 or 8 weeks this time from the time he got hurt again on December 9th.  So he will probably be back end of January/beginning of February. 


In my league (10 man Roto), his owner finally got tired and dropped him this morning, so I am contemplating a stash really solely because of the FT volume because you don't find that FT% with that volume on the WW typically.



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