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Danilo Gallinari 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Hey bro. How long did it take? 

Gallo is perfect as a Boogie replacement, minus the FG, pts, reb, assists, steals, blocks and beast mode-ness.

reminder, he ain't the one

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14 hours ago, t0087669 said:

is he worth the no.1 waiver in a 16-team league, no IR?

naaaah, he is gonna get injured again. Even if he stays healthy he will have minutes restriction and lose a few games anyway. Besides Blake is back, so no huge usage potential 

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17 hours ago, t0087669 said:

is he worth the no.1 waiver in a 16-team league, no IR?


Gallo is on my DND list from here on out and even so I’d still use my #1 waiver on him in a 16 man league. It’s a longshot you find anyone else on the waiver with nearly the upside he has and there’s no reason to think he’ll have a minute restriction. I haven’t seen that anywhere and last time he got his a$$ torn up he was playing 30 minutes one game after being back.


In terms of his return, he’s on the court moving around well, but it’s still expected to be another month til he returns? Seems like that is a bit excessive given how Doc Rivers says he’s moving, maybe there’s a chance he’ll get back on the court(and on his way to his next injury) before his projected 6 weeks.

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45 minutes ago, Tom Chambers said:

I want to know how this ends up.  Everywhere he's been dropped in my leagues,  he's passed through waivers.  But those were all 12 teamers.

I dropped him in a 14 team league and he is still there

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I'm holding  in my 14 teamer and have been sitting on a lot of injuries(Leonard, Conley, Lavine, Parker, Markieff, hardaway, gallo, mirotic and a few others).  The upside is better than anyone on my wire and its a competitive league so he wouldn't make it to the FA if I drop.  As long as I'm making the playoffs I can hold.

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