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Jusuf Nurkic 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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Bro, we get it. You traded him just before he got injured. I actually happened to do the exact same thing but don't feel the need to remind everybody of it every half an hour. You're not providing any

Well maybe his weight loss can help with that. We'll see. There aren't a lot of C options for a double double with a potential 3 stocks after the 5th round, let alone 3 assists. I'd rather gamble on N

blazers getting eaten alive by the red-hot raps, but man, nurk is showing a lot of effort today. ive seen many blazer games and this is the first time all season that nurk is actually running this hard and battling for nearly every rebound opportunity.  that effort is showing up on the scoreboard, but even the numbers don't really paint the whole picture. just loving what i see today. vintage nurkic. how i wish he plays this hard every freakin' game.

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he did this mainly against d-ho, which makes today's line even more impressive. nurk has struggled against smart, seasoned centers like d-ho and his ilk (i.e chandler, drummond) earlier this season. but he's looking great the past month no matter the competition - save for the occasional weekly stinker.


wasn't it around this time that nurk was starting to turn his season around last year? perhaps nurk is just the classic 2nd-half-of-the-season type of performer. so slow to figure out things early in the year, but come mid-season, he's suddenly a different player.

looking forward to see the version of jusuf nurkic we all envisioned when we drafted him. the beastly and monstrous version that is.

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12 hours ago, Trifecta said:

7 turnovers is ugly but the rest is so good i dont care


I think a couple of those turnovers was BS where he was called for a moving screen, really should have been a no call.  Also, there were abut 2-3 turnovers where he had the right mind (vision) but he just didn't execute the pass well, he needs to learn the bounce pass.. so if he can correct that then it should lower his TO

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everybody's talking about lilliard's heroics today, but nurk played a crucial role in that comeback win as well. 16 and 16 with 3 assists plus a block. but the real takeaway: he stayed on the floor from late 3rd Q to almost the entire 4th, which is quite rare for him. hopefully stotts comes to his senses now. it's time to give the nurk god more minutes again. he's earned it.

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