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2 openings - 1 in each league - Both Free ESPN H2H points Keepers (with some stipulations)- On line Draft - Both leagues have set ByLaws so there is no guess work on Rules.  
League 1 - ALL IN - Free ESPN H2H points (most CATs).   Kind of a contract style, can only keep players 2 times.  This will be 2nd year As we are starting year 3 (should open up some trading). , 8 team, keep 10, 16 active, 14 bench
League 2 - Franchise -  Free ESPN H2H points (Most Cats). 10 team, 15 active, 10 bench. 
Has a few draft stipulations - You "MUST" keep at least 12. You can keep up to 15. Players who have not played 25 games in the prior season can not be a keeper. If you keep less than 15, you cannot draft any player who was not keepable until round 16. No more than 2 Goalies can be kept.
Random Elites
Draft not scheduled, but looking at Weekend of 22nd and 29th.  
You Can Email me at RKic63@gmail.com  for more information If interested 
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Well Mel, All that information is contained on a spread sheet (because I am spreadsheet happy).  A separate spread sheet contains the ByLaws.   That Is why I included  my email address rather than cluttering this page.   The statement of emailing me for more information would have resulted in those spread sheets being forwarded to you.    Because this is draft 3, anyone can be kept.  The contract time could be up  next year.  Without getting into particulars, Below are the players kept once or carrying a 1.  Schneids is at 0.  And Burns, if kept will hold at 1 due to the "F"ranchise tag being placed on him at end of season which is simply explained in the ByLaws. 













It also looks like the Random Elites are taken.




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