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Rashard Higgins 2017 Season Outlook

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I grabbed him after his nice week 2, then seeing his week 3 i came to reality that was a mistake. I dont think anyone outside of possibly Duke is worth a roster spot. Maybe crowell but they need to run the ball. You could always hold but man, the offense is what it always is. Bad. 

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On 9/24/2017 at 8:08 AM, taobball said:


That's just a silly way to phrase the argument. Of course Higgins has less of a guarantee of production after one game. What are we supposed to do? Not analyze the situation or try to come up with possible outcomes because we dont' have much data? Just wait six weeks until we know for sure what Higgins is? 


Like I absolutely love Higgins but if someone offered me a top 24 WR straight up that would just be moronic for me not to take it. The fact of the matter is the situation is lining up perfectly for him right now that if he can continue to perfrom he can be a top 24 WR. That's alll that's being said here. Not that he will or that there's any relative guarantee. I think if you've got a deep WR core you try to keep him at the end of the bench and wait, but given the volume last week I do think he's playable this week in PPR leagues when you don't have other options or you're just trying to see BMarsh not be in your line-up again. 



I just don't know why you say VERY unlikely tho? Your above argument is 100% based on historical context. These are my least favorite arguments that anyone ever uses in fantasy because we're completely ignoring everything involved with the situation of the player. If you wanna discredit Higgins solely on the fact that he wasn't drafted in the preseason that's your prerogative. Multiple things have changed that can be viewed as actionable change in the Browns receiving core and Higgins lead the team in Snaps and Targets in Week 2. I'm just trying to look at the opportunity for Higgins and the situation he personally finds himself in, which is just a million times more fruitful to me than just saying that there aren't a ton of historical examples and using historical examples that frankly aren't in the same situations as Higgins is in. 


@Boudewijn I'd say average air yards per target in general, but there's a graphic that I'll fetch back a few pages when I first brought it up. For me personally I have seen graphics to defend it since I started saying it but I haven't really been using a "stat" to judge Kizer. I'm very familiar with Kizer because I've lived in Indiana and South Bend for the majority of my life and Kizer is an ND guy so I'm very familiar with what he likes to do as a QB and the combination of highlights and drives I've seen from the Browns reaffirm my position on his willingness to take shots. When he was there, Will Fuller was his big deep connection that he took deep shots to all the time. There's no will fuller here, but the point is that for a guy like Higgins, if he can add just one deep grab a game to a handful of underneath routes he'll be a solid PPR finisher. 


This reaffirmed to me that I wasn't crazy:




theres so much hilarity in this thread - despite losing a bunch of key players to injuries at least i have this thread to make smile

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