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TRADE: Doyle/Blount for Miller (WHIR)

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The trade I am proposing:


I get Lamar Miller

My opponent gets Jack Doyle and Lagarette Blount


My roster is in my signature (Team 1).  His roster is as follows:  QB - Rodgers & Big Ben; RB - Miller, T. Coleman, Lacy, J. Williams; WR - A. Brown, Fitzgerald, Lockett, Wallace, Britt Shepard, Perieman; TE - Greg Olsen & Brate.


Since he just lost Greg Olsen for the next 6-8 weeks, my thinking is that he might be inclined to try this.  Especially with nothing very appealing in that category available on waivers.  Thoughts?


WHIR - leave link!  

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You can try but that's a lowball offer not likely to go anywhere. Blount is close to belonging on the waiver wires and Doyle isn't enough better than Brate or TEs on the waiver wires to generate much interest. You'll have to hope they are panicking about both the loss of Olsen and Lamar Miller's mediocrity with volume and the fear that Foreman will take over (he won't). But making that trade on their part would be a pretty serious and foolish panic.


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He just messaged me.  He's considering it.


I understand where you're coming from on this being a "lowball" offer, but I think you're selling Doyle short.  The current quarterback situation in Indianapolis, in my mind, is going to work to his advantage.  I think he's going to do better than Brate.

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