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Quick Trade Thoughts/How to Improve! WHIR 100%

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I'm trying to work a trade to improve my team (team is in signature), and I am wondering your thoughts on these trade options... I think my biggest need to is upgrade at QB, TE, and some RB depth, and I have a couple guys I am targeting.  These are simply trades I am going to try and send out, I have no idea if they will be accepted, and would love your help! Yahoo doesn't always do the best job of evaluating trades, and so I thought I would take them here...


Trade with Team 1: Yahoo says I lose this trade btw... (-2 for me, and +28 for him roughly) but I think i win this one pretty well

Trade away: Jay Cutler or Eli, Bilal Powell, Tyrell Williams

Receive: Derek Carr or Philip Rivers, Derrick Henry, DeAndre Hopkins

Note: This guy is a very impractical trader from previous experience, but I'm hoping the trade numbers would entice him to want to make the trade
(He has 3 QBs with Ryan as his starter, Henry on his bench and DeAndre as his flex


Trade with Team 2: Yahoo says we both win this, but it is because they only have 1 QB at the moment... (+12 for me, and +9 for him) roughly.
If i give him Eli instead he wins by like 10pts

Trade away: Jason Witten, Tyrell Williams, Jay Cutler (or Eli)

Receive: Delanie Walker, Jeremy Maclin

Note: I have LOVED Witten's usage and would be kind of sad to let him go, but I think Delanie is a solid starter, and Maclin could be a steal (Owner benched Delanie for JJames this week, and Maclin has only been on his bench)


Other Trade Options: Just guys I may have an eye on

Team 3: Has McCaffery (RB2), M Bryant (Flex), K Benjamin (WR2)

Team 4: Has Kelce, and needs serious help at RB (Howard and Kerwynn as his starters)

Team 5: Has Ertz, Miller (Bench), Carson (Bench), Diggs (Flex), Theilen (Bench)



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3 minutes ago, gimme the ball said:

Is there anyone who would actually consider Eli Manning an asset in a trade? I can't even believe he's on your squad.


I know right lol...In 12 team he carries some weight, because the WW is pretty garbage, as everyone holds at least 2 QBs and I picked up Cutler for this week because I didn't trust Cousins. I will most likely end up dropping him soon to fill with a WW pickup

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I don't think the first trade scenario would work because I doubt Henry will be riding on his bench any longer after yesterday and Powell hasn't really played well yet.   For the second trade I don't think that really helps you much. 


My suggestion would be to wait until D. Martin comes back and then try to trade Cook for an upgrade at QB or TE, but then again you could use the depth at RB. 

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