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My team is in the signature, the 12 team standard.  I went RB heavy in the draft in the hopes I would hit on a few RBs and then package one or two to upgrade at WR.  After my team lost week 1, and then also losing ARob for the year, I wanted to panic but told myself to stay patient.  Now my team has lost week 2 and I also lost C. Coleman who became my WR2 because of ARob.  Therefore, I am now in full panic mode because  I only have three WRs on my team and we start 3WRs and one of them is currently hurt, J. Brown, and he may not play next week. So I was looking to try and trade one or two of my RB's to get a WR or two. 


I already sent a Trade offer to the T. West owner of Buck Allen for D. Parker.  I know its probably not enough for Parker but maybe he wants the upgrade on his starting RB West. 


I am also thinking about sending an offer of D. Henry to the Murray owner.  Murray looks old, slow and is currently hurting and Henry looks like a beast.  I would offer D. Henry for an under performing AJ Green.  Again probably not enough for Green at this point in time, but if Henry did become the starter and get the lion share of carries, I almost wouldn't even want to make this trade. 


I really don't want to offer up Bell or Elliot especially when they haven't had a really good game yet so it would be like selling them low.  I also have Lynch and D. Martin but not sure how much trade value for either of them.  Should I offer either or both for AJ and D. Parker? 


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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No idea how you got that loaded in a 12 team with RBs, but I think it would be safe to try and trade Lynch or Martin.  Lynch I think would warrant a solid WR, and Martin could get you a pretty penny too if people are high on him. I do think that you need WR help for sure though.


I think you are on the right track with looking at your potential trade offers, just keep digging!


Help with mine too please? :)

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Sternes, What do you think would be fair offer for Green or Parker? I have always valued RBs more than WRs especially being in a standard league so I need another perspective on what would be fair for those two.  Both of the teams that have those two WRs do need help at RB.  I could send out Henry for Green to the Murray owner but even I know that probably isn't going to get it done unless they are really down on Green and panicking about Murray.  Is Lynch for Parker fair or am I giving up too much?

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Can't see team, but guessing you have Bell, Zeke, Lynch, Martin, Buck Allen,  & Henry, correct?

I would offer Lynch for Green. Allen could very well be enough for Parker, since they have West. Offer them up & see. You definitely have the RB to build up your WR. Thanks for mine & good luck! 

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