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9 cat roto - Keep 2 of LeBron, Gobert, Paul George

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Need to declare keepers today and trying to decide between which 2 of LeBron, Gobert, and Paul George for this Y! 9 category roto league.  Fairly confident I will be keeping LeBron and debating between Gobert and George.  Leaning towards Gobert but what do you think?  Thanks!

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If you keep LeBron and Gobert, you run the risk of punting FTs. Which, if this is your strategy, go for it. Just keep that in mind. Gobert could get better with Hayward out and Rubio in. It is a bit of an unknown quite how PG13 and Russ will play together, but he is an awesome guy with FT%, steals, points, and assists for a SF. Personally, I'd go LeBron and Gobert if you are punting FT%, otherwise consider going George to even out FT%. Best of luck this year!

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