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Flex Help: Henry, Nelson, or Carson? WHIR


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My lineup is as follows right now


12 Team .5 PPR


QB: A. Rodgers

RB1: Anderson

RB 2: McCaffrey

WR1: J. Jones

WR2: K. Benjamin

TE: Bennett

Flex: D. Henry?

K: Bailey

DEF: Panthers


Bench: C. Carson, D. Amendola, JJ Nelson, A. Hooper, K. Williams, A. Dalton


Right now my gut is telling me go with Henry due to Murray trending down and missing practice today. I also picked up JJ Nelson off waivers and saw there's a lot of buzz around him especially with John Brown most likely not playing. Then Carson has been trending upwards as well. Which one would you go  with of the 3? Also Amendola returned to practice but I figure I want to wait a week and make sure he's good to go

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This is a Sunday morning decision. Check in the AM, if Demarco is out start Henry for sure, if not then chuck JJ into the lineup (he does have 7 tds in his last 7 games going back to last season, so I would be confident in him). Leave Carson on the bench as they're talking about giving Rawls a bit more work this week - gotta let that situation sort itself out


help with mine?



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