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Moving Hyde or Crow. Who to target? WHIR

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League in sig.


I am absolutely loaded at RB so I'm trying to move Hyde or Crow (+ if needed) for a starting WR. Currently I have Watkins as my WR3 which is rough and Hyde and Crow will never play ahead of Bell and Hunt except for on bye weeks.


I have an offer of my Hyde and Hoyer for E. Sanders and Bradford. I feel like it's selling low a bit on Hyde but it would upgrade my awful QBs (2 QB league) and Sanders is an improvement on Watkins. Should I take this or reach for an underperforming WR1/2. I've made offers for AJ Green but the asking price is still too high. Should I take the trade and upgrade too starting positions or do I try and get a better WR in return?



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I like the offer for Sanders, but I am a bit high on him. I do, however, not agree that upgrading your third QB is worth getting rid of Hyde or Crowell. Overall it's not a terrible trade but I think you could get more. Could you get TY for cheap if the owner doesn't want him, or get Pryor since he's been underperforming? I like both of those guys and I think you could make a deal for one of them.

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even with your surplus of good RBs, it still feels like a light haul. 

Sanders is a nice player, but Hyde still has that 10-15% chance of tapping into game-changing upside that we haven't seen manifest yet 


that said... in a 2QB I understand the plight of not being set at QB... so I wouldn't blame you if you feel that your roster construction makes it a good trade 

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