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Big Keeper league trade


Big Keeper League Trade  

  1. 1. Pujols / Pence / A. Miller for M. Ramirez / P. Fielder / King Felix

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Keeper League here. 12 team league w/ standard 24 man rosters (15 offensive, 9 pitchers, 5 taxi). 5x5 scoring.

I've won the league back-to-back ... and typically don't make too many trades preferring to play the waiver wire (pickups that were not picked in the auction draft default to $6).

I have an opportunity to take a step forward to win my 3rd title, but it would potentially come at the cost of next year.

The $$ values of the players in question equal out, but the years of control is the kicker here.

I give up:

Pujols $32 - 2008 2009

Pence $1 - 2008 $9 (2009 2010 2011)

Andrew Miller $6 - 2008 2009 then decide on contract cost / years.

I receive:

Manny Ramirez $12 - 2008

Prince Fielder $14 - 2008

Felix Hernandez $13 - 2008 2009

So I only get Manny and Prince for this year. Manny had an off year last year. Prince had an excellent year, but is struggling this year with his veggie diet. B) Felix was lights out his first 5 starts, but heavy workload and lack of command recently are a concern. He's the only guy that I would be carrying over to next year.

Pujols is solid, but with injury concern. Pence is in a sophomore slump, but appears to be coming out of it. Andrew Miller has ace / #2 potential and he may have turned the corner, but his last 2 outings were against sub par offenses.

So should i mortgage the future for a possible third title? You can see the rest of my lineup in my sig.

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