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$40 Yahoo 9 cat H2H, 4th year league Pays 6X

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Looking to fill the final spot in my yahoo league which is in its 4 year. Below are the rules of the league:

) League Dues 
· It will cost $40 per season to participate in this league this year 
· Dues will be collected via LeagueSafe (Link to be provided once you join the league). 

2) Draft Process 
· Standard snake draft 
· Draft order will be random selected by Yahoo 

3) Rosters 
· This will be your 8 active NBA players 
· You are REQUIRED to have all 8 active players on the roster at all times DURING the season and playoffs 

4) Daily Lineup 
· You will be able to edit your starting lineup every day, and each player is eligible to be moved from the bench to the starting lineup, and vice versa, up until the start of their own game on that given day. 
· You are expected to field a full team every day.This means all spots must be filled by an active player, whenever possible. 
· Roster positions would be 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1C and 3 BN. 
· Total moves will be limited 50 per season. ( regular season + playoffs ) 

5) Payouts 
· Everyone pays $40 per season, so we have $40 from 12 teams = $480 total 
· $60 will go to regular season topper 
· Playoff winner will get $240 
· Playoff runner up will get $ 120 
· Playoff 3rd place will get $60 

6) General Rules 
· Although the commissioner will keep an eye out for any collusion or suspicious activity, it is requested that if anyone comes across any such activity, please report it so the same can be reviewed 
· Transactions (Add/Drop) during the end of regular season will be strictly reviewed, especially for teams who are out of playoff contention to avoid unbalancing the FA pool/ playoff bound team rosters due to higher waiver wire order 
7) Trade Reviews 
Ovce trade is accepted. Everyone votes on it. Discussion of trade will be allowed even while trade is pending. Moment 6 people vote, commissioner will veto the trade ( Commissioner Setting ). If less than 6 votes, commissioner will review all the veto comments that were put in while vetoing the trade. If commissioner feels that those are sufficient and proves it is an unfair trade, commissioner can still veto the trade. 

In order to keep this league competitive, all teams will be evaluated at the end of the season. All teams/managers identified as non-active, non-sporting shall be put to vote for being booted out of the league the following season.


If interested please follow the link to join:



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