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I was offered Kareem hunt & AJ green for lesean mccoy and Odell beckham. Should i accept? Why or why not?


NOTE: i posted about this earlier but worded it poorly and didnt know how to edit so sorry for the double post.


 16 team 1/2 ppr

RBs: mccoy, james white, T. west, tolbert, and stashed david johnson

WRs: obj, hopkins, fitz, corey davis, lafell

TE: Delanie walker

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1 hour ago, JDoggyDogg said:

Any reason you think so? Im worried about injuries for mccoy and obj, but at the same time i dont know if hunts success is sustainable


One thing Andy Reid has shown over the years is that if he has a horse, he'll ride it.  Obviously, he has a horse.  If Hunt plays 16 games (my only qualifier), I say he's the #1 RB, ahead of Elliott and Bell.  I'll call that shot right now, again, health providing.

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I don't know why anyone would even want to make this trade.....(trading away hunt). I have lesean mccoy and I'd happily give him up and a Qb2 for hunt.  But the guy that has him is set and has no reason to change his roster at all the entire reason unless he has an injury.  

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